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Introducing Bus Simulator: Ultimate

In the recent years, the simulator game genre had become more and more popular in the gaming community. We cannot help but mention the very famous pillars such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Satisfactory, …. Game publisher Zuuks was no exception when it launched Bus Simulator: Ultimate. At first, it seems like no different from many other products in the same genre, but thanks to the reality of the game, Bus Simulator: Ultimate after a while immediately gained the attention of many gamers. Not long after that, the game attracted more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play platform. What made Bus Simulator: Ultimate so successful? Join us to find out immediately in the following article.

How to play:

In this game, you will play the role of a bus driver that have established your own travel company. Your main task is to drive your customers back and forth between the destinations, but that is not all.

When you log in the game for the first time, you will be able to choose your avatar and company’s logo as well as your name and the company’s name. After that is done, you will have a budget of $10,000 that can be used to hire drivers, prepare caterings, etc. which we will talk about later.

In each game, you will see your bus in third person, but you can change it to first person or even 360 degree, you name it. There are 4 main components that you should pay most of your attention to: Accelerator, brake pedal, gear stick and the steering wheel because those will be used the most. Other parts such as headlights, doors, horn, etc. are placed at the bottom of the screen. You will also see a map to keep track on where the vehicle is heading to.

Preparation before each trip:

Before each trip, you will have to prepare a lot of things in order to have the best result. First of all is the departure and arrival locations: You can freely choose 2 of your owned office around each country to travel. Then, the estimated time of reaching the destination is also required to be decided. Note that if you complete the trip longer than expected, the customers will be unsatisfied. Based on the length of the trip, the suitable vehicle and caterings are also required. Last, you also have to determine the price of each tickets based on all of the components above. Once you have finished the last step, enjoy your trip!

The realistic of the game:

This is one of the things that make this game stands out from others with the same simulator genre.  You should pay attention to every single factor on the road just like real life. It includes everything from opening the doors for the passengers to get on the bus to stopping at a roadside station. The game will keep track of what you have done on the road and use that information to decide your overall money received at the end of the trip. So be sure not to run any red light!

Another thing that is also a spotlight of the game is the graphics. With its 3D graphics and decent arts, the players’ experience is guaranteed to be always at the top.

Currency of the game:

The main currency within the game is, of course, cash. This can be earned by 2 ways: Completing missions and trips.

The first method is by finishing the missions given. You can check out the available tasks at the top of the main menu. Different missions will reward you with different amount of money. Each week you will be given a set of 180 missions to complete one at a time. It may sound like a lot in the beginning, but after one or two trips back and forth, those tasks will be finished within no time.

Another method to gain money is to collect it at the end of each run. Based on the satisfaction of the passengers, the overall cash could be a lot or just a tiny bit. This is determined by your behaviors toward the traffic, how often do you stop at the roadside station or the company’s catering services. Therefore, it is advised that you should always pay attention to even the smallest detail in the preparation phase and on the road to maximize the reward.

Cash can be used to purchase new vehicles or upgrade the owned ones, open new routes, etc.

Hiring drivers:

Do you feel that you can not make much money just by running the company alone? You can always hire new drivers to run some trips for you! The completion time of each route might be longer than you do it, but this will be a great help in earning passive money. You should pay attention to their experiences and speed to choose the most potential employee to hire.


With realistic components and addicting gameplay, Bus Simulator: Ultimate will be a great way to spend time especially in the epidemic right now as people are banned from going outside. The game can also increase your patience and the carefulness in the way you do things everyday. So, what are you waiting for without download and try it out now?

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